The lumber market is on fire. Are you covered?


The market roared back to life last week after many in the industry realized they were under supplied.  High activity pushed mill order files into December.  Large mills went off the market midweek and stayed there till Friday.  Once again SYP, SPF plate and 2x4 9’ studs went up the most.

OSB had Sandy to thank for increased demand.  Most mills were able to extend their files into December also and some reported they were out of open market wood for the year.

It’s been a long time since we have seen a market gain such strength in the 4th quarter.  Many continue to wish for lower prices only to find the opposite.  There still seems to be a large number of dealers who still have jobs to cover but for some reason have not.  There seems to be much more business out there than everyone wants to admit and the mills have not geared up for it yet.  Every time the market shows some weakness, they are able to find buyers and that spells higher prices.