Rough Frame

The true differentiation that Contract Lumber brings to a relationship with our clients is our unique approach to the guaranteed material and labor package concept that we have become know for in the marketplace. From the first day we opened our doors in 1989 we established a separate entity in Contract Framing that is responsible for delivering the installation side of our services. The knowledge and experience that our framing division brings to the job site is truly the value proposition we want to communicate to our clients.  We take ownership of the framing process and deliver a product that our clients and our client’s customers will be proud of. That is our personal pledge to you.


Contract Lumber understands the value of supplying quality building materials on our projects. We have an advantage over other suppliers because we install so much of the lumber and materials that we sell. We can’t afford to handcuff our own production crews with suspect lumber; therefore, we are committed to providing the quality necessary to get the job done right...the first time. Likewise, our volume and our installation expertise commands attention from all of the leading building material manufacturers in the world giving us the buying power and the inventory levels needed to keep pace with today’s fast-track construction process.


At Contract Lumber we understand that exceptional service has to be the lifeblood or our organization. Commitment to building and delivering lumber loads and other building materials all starts with an Investment in facilities and equipment, a strong dedication to organization, and good people. We have made significant investments in all three areas and we continue to devote resources to this component of our business that is critical in maintaining our leadership position in the marketplace. Superior service is an attitude and we challenge to find anyone who takes it more serious than Contract Lumber.


Construction - Contract Framing offers installed roofing services for our builder customers in conjunction with our turn-key rough framing package. We roof thousands of buildings every year. There are multiple benefits to the builder when you use our installed roofing alongside our rough frame services. First of all, we do all the scheduling so we usually have a roofing crew drying-in your structure hours — not days after framing is complete. Our service department can take care of any call-backs and warranty issues so you don’t have to track-down subs that are long gone. And by using Contract Lumber’s turn-key installed framing and roofing you only have one number to call and one check to cut simplifying your entire construction process.